NO BULL. Our soft serve is 100% dairy free!

Twisty Treats was reimagined with a singular mission: Make the best dairy free soft serve possible.

In pursuit of that mission, we committed to only be the best, and It starts with ingredients: To make your favorite flavor, we searched the globe to source our hand blended ingredients used to create your favorite Twisty Treat.

We exclusively use the best dairy free milk you can buy: Ripple. Known for its health benefits and luxurious texture, Ripple gives you the closest to ice cream feel of any product on the market, with no guilt. Another example of our commitment is our premium imported vanilla from the island Madagascar. This premiere product may be a corner cut by most, but we feel it gives us the edge when it comes to flavor. We’d like to personally invite you to Come in and try Twisty Treats today. Your taste buds and gut will thank you. Guaranteed.

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  • It tastes like true ice cream. It was creamy and the chocolate was delicious. And it is in the perfect place to spend the day. I would definitely come back.


  • This ice cream is plant-based but don’t let that deter you at all! It’s so dang good!! You won’t regret trying it. I just got some and I’m already wishing I had more. Perfect flavors that light up your taste buds with a wonderful smooth and creamy texture.


  • This place is amazing, all gluten and dairy free soft serve, that tastes even better than dairy milk! We were so happy to find out about this, since there’s no other dairy free ice cream places around. It’s so nice to be about to go out for a fun treat!